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Western Tile Murals

Western Tile
Wrap Around

Western, Equestrian, Horse

Western - Turquoise Blaze

Western - Oatmeal Deboss


Fly Fishing Design Tile

Native American

Design Tile

NEW - Wall Clocks





Indiana Kitchen Backsplash
Turned out great! Tom S. Indiana
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Pennsylvania Kitchen
Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor Hall Of Fame.
The project turned out awesome! James R. Oregon
The tile was just the added touch I wanted. Love it!
Barb C. Pennsylvania
Fireplace Hearth - Canada Vent Hood - Pennsylvania
We are very pleased with the way it turned out. The tiles are unique and beautiful. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks so much. Dean and Penni - Canada Kitchen cabin where we used your tiles to make an accent border. Thanks, Mindi M. --- Pennsylvania
Kansas bathrooms backsplash
The tiles look great! Thanks for your help! Beth B. — Kansas
Colorado Shower
Chose some tile that looks like barn siding for our shower. We think it look great with the story line tile.
Jan K. — Colorado
Stovetop Mural and Brand — Michelle C. — Texas Texas backsplash
My longhorn tiles look great and add class to my nwe backsplash. Nancy C. — Texas
Kitchen Cooktop Mural - Arizona
" We recently remodeled our kithen and included this new stove hood. We wanted something that was a bit different and would realy catch your attention. After much research my wife located this tree mural fron Designers Choice Tile..

We decided to make it the centerpiece of the wall and fram it in like a portrait. We then added travertine tile to surround it. We love the look and it provided just the "wow" factor we were lookig for.

David H

Recieved the tiles in good order and got it put up this weekend. Thanks for your product. I'm pleased with the results, and will recommend you to anyone who asks where i got it.

Dana L.

Colorado Hearth Face
Kansas Bath
"...our finished remodel which include the running horses and ...brand tiles. Our home sits in the middle of the Flint Hills of Kansas and these tiles just highlight our bath tub with the outdoor view of the hills and cattle.

Very Happy with the result."

Colorado project

"Your unique designs and creative work in helping us fit the tiles and images in the spaces we have, produce an artistry that makes the places in which your work appears truly special. It adds an extraordinary touch where it would otherwise be ordinary. Family and friends who have visited are just "blown away" by it and our builder (who has built many custom homes) said he has never worked with anything like it, and they were also as impressed as family and friends."

Outstanding work!
Tom F

Full wraparound bathroom
Texas Backsplash
Great Job!

Dave B. - Texas

Tennessee backsplash
We have really gotten a lot of complements on the backsplash. Thanks you for making a great product.
Mary Katherine H. — Tennesse

Love it!

Mary Katherine H

Wisconsin backsplash mural
Just though I would sen you a picture of the project......turned out GREAT!!

Again, thanks so much !!

Randy & Tina

Colorado Trophy Room
Your tiles turned out great. I have a bathroom project I need tile for next. I will send you a diagram this weekend.
This trophy room is wrapped all the way around with a continues story line of big game to accent Doug's trophy collection.
Idaho Home
Home Entry_Grizzly Bear Foot Prints
Grizzly Bear Foot Print Entry - Glass tile Grizzly Bear Foot Print Entry detail - Glass tile
Bathroom Shower tile wraparound Shower Detail
Kitchen Backsplash Mural
Master Bath Shower Backsplash
Bathroom Sink Backsplash Fireplace Header
Bath vanity backsplash Fireplace header
Rainbow Trout Wall Mount We are very proud of how it all turned out! Thanks again for the beautiful tiles. We are extremely happy and will recommend you to all our friends.

Lourie Ceccarelli, Idaho

Rainbow Trout wall hanging
Crumpler, Bathroom Vanity & Shower, North Carolina
Bathroom sink Backsplash Bathroom Shower Mural, Western
We love our tile. Margaret Crumpler, North Carolina
Longhorn, Mares & Colts, Kitchen Backsplash, Texas
Kitchen Backsplash I was just on the Christmas home tour for San Jacinto County, Texas. Most of the folks really liked it. It really adds the special touch to my kitchen. My place is in rural east Texas. The home was built in the 1880's. I have been refinishing it for thew last five years. I have left a county rustic look and file to it. Your tiles add the right look and feel to the kitchen.

Thank You,


Whitetail Deer, Kitchen Backsplash, Oklahoma
Whitetail Deer Kitchen Backsplash Whitetail Deer Backsplash story line
Christine Roberts, Oklahoma
Mountain Landscape, Colorado Shower Texas star shower
Mountain Landscape Shower tile surround Texas Star Shower
David Erwin, Lingenfeler, Project - Colorado Martin Guzman, Texas
Texas Bath Mural 5' x 3' and Shower 12" X 12" spot tiles
Western Mural, BathroomWestern Spot Tile, ShowerWestern Shower Tiles
Laura Drury, Texas
High Country Trail Ride, Oklahoma, Shower
Wester High Country Trail Ride, Ceramic Tile Shower wraparound We are absolutely in love with our shower!
It turned our even more beautiful than imagined!
This project was something I knew nothing about, (except that I wanted it) so I'd like to thank you for your help with it!

Very happy in Oklahoma!


Elk mural, Missouri Shower Mural Texas Shower - 12x12 bronc tile
Elk tile mural Bathroom Shower Bucking bronc tile shower
Teresa Floor to Ceiling, Missouri I will probably be messaging you for more.... Everyone has been asking where I've gotten the bronc!
Colorado - Mountain Home - Wildlife shower surround Colorado - Lacy trees shower mural
Bathroom Shower tile  wraparound, Wildlife
Thank you so much for the beautifal tile. It fit perfectly in our Colorado mountain home.

Becky Childs

Shower Tile Mural, Tree Grove
Double shower...looks great.
There is a stand of trees right outside the window in this bathroom that looks just like these trees. I have looked at several hundred murals and am so glad to find yours.

Thanks, Jeri Williams

Wyoming Home, Kitchen Backsplash, Wildlife triangle spots
Kitchen Backsplash, Wildlife spot tiles Kitchen backsplash, wildlife spot tile
Bathroom shower, wildlife spots
Hi Dick,

I told you I would send pictures of the tiles once installed. Here they are. I just love them!!! They add so much charecter to our gome. I don't have a picture of the floor tile in the master bath. I'll send tose later.

Thank you, Iam so pleased with the tile.

Cathy Brown

Bathroom and Shower, wildlife spot tile
Illinois stair case - Fishing Flies Black Bear & Cubs, Georgia, Bath Backsplash
Stairway, Fishing Flies Bathroom vanity backsplash, Black Bear and Cubs
Dean Fischer, Illinois Jeff Hawk, Georgia
Western triangle spot tiles, Colorado, Kitchen and Bath Western triangle self framing - Kitchen backsplash
Kitchen backsplash, Western spot tiles Kitchen backsplash, Western
Shower - Personal Livestock brand
Hi Dick,
Here are some pictures of your tiles. Don't they look great! Thanks again for all your help, I'm so happy with the way it turned out...if anyone ask about the tiles I will be sure to send them your way.



Bathroom Shower, Custom Livestock Brand Tile
Tahoe - Kitchen - Landscape story line
Kitchen Backsplash, Landscape tile story line Kitchen Backsplash, Nature LandscapeJust wanted to send you a couple of photos of the Tahoe mural installed in our kitchen. We chose to use them as an accent above the vent hood on the range, and think they look great - we are so happy with how they blended so well wit our new hickory cabinets.
Thanks so much for your excellent service and great product. We may be back for more - bathroom remodel.
Jeri Miller, Pennsylvania
Arizona - Western accent tiles - Kitchen Backsplash
Kitchen backsplash, Western tile Western Kitchen backsplash
Hello Dick,
I want to thank you for the super service you provided. I received your fine tiles on Wednesday, like you indicated and they are even more beautiful than I expected. They will fit excellent with our decor. Thank you very much for your quick shipment.
George Solymosi, Arizona
Minnesota - Wildlife accent tiles Kitchen Backsplash Whitetail Deer Tub accent - Florida
Kitchen backsplash, Wildlife tile Bathroom Tub backsplash, Whitetail Deer tile
Thought you would like to see a picture of my project.
Thanks, Denise Hoek, Minnesota
Sue Inskeep, Florida
Western spot tile, Texas - Honnas, Equine Hospital
Hallway western wall tileHallway western tile Hallway, western tile
12" X 12" accent tile in the hallway of the equine hospital. Thanks Lori Honnas, Texas
Western mural, Idaho - Kitchen & Entry
Kitchen backsplash western tile mural Entry tile mural, Western
Backsplash mural over cooktop Entry - Glass Tile
Here are a couple of pictures of the tile you made for us. They look wonderful.
We are getting fsbulous comments from family and friends.
Thank you so much - Judy Castle , Idaho
Wildlife story line, Wisconsin - Kitchen
Kitchen backsplash, Whitetail Deer tile Kitchen Tile, Whitetail Deer
Hi Dick,
Greetings from the Northwoods of Wisconsin! Hope all is well for you. We finally, after months of searching and matching
field and accent tiles, and then finding someone competent and available to do our installation, have finished our kitchen.
If you remember, we purchased a 4 tile Whitetail Deer Storyline and your 19 tile Grand Teton Park Storyline.
Originally I wanted to use the 19 tile storyline on our fireplace mantle, but in the end decided it was safer in its final location
and enabled us to use it straight rather than around a couple of mantle corners. As you can see from the pictures, we
incorporated both tile sets in our kitchen. I framed the 19 tile storyline in half inch oak to match the cabinets.
Both have made our home on the lake even better than it was before! And we now have a scene that reminds us of where
we used to live in Idaho.
We couldn't be happier with your artwork and product quality. Thanks for being there to solve our issues in finding wildlife
theme backsplash tiles!
Best regards, Greg Patterson - Wisconsin
Wildlife, Fireplace Hearth & Pillows_MI
Fireplace Harth tile mural Custom photo pillows
Everyone that has been to our cottage this year just loves your fireplace hearth... and my wife loves her custom pillows.
(marked with green arrows) John Jetts, MI
Table Centerpiece ot Trivet - Texas Colorado - Over Range Mural - 8" X 8" tile
Table Center Piece or Trivit
Kitchen Backsplash western tile mural
Gerald Reuter, Texas Trish Bradley - Colorado
Maryland - Bathroom Floor - 12" X 12" Textured Floor Tile Minnesota Kitchen Back Splash
Bathroom spot floor tile
Just wanted to share our finished floor. The tile look great.
Missy, Maryland
Big Game spot tiles.
Brad, Minnesota
Wisconsin, Fireplace Over the sink mural, Minnesota
Fireplace mantal wildlife tile Kitchen backsplash western tile mural
We love the look and get lots of complements on the tile.
Thanks, Elwyn & Jane - Wisconsin
We absolutely Love the tile and have had many people ask where we found it.
Samantha Herman, Minnesota
Colorado - Kitchen
Kitchen backsplash western tile Kitchen backsplash western tile

Thank you, so much Margie Ward, CO

Kitchen backsplash western tile
Fishing Cabin Fireplace - NC
The mural (story line) looks great in our little fishing cabin? Thanks again.

Steve Keeble, NC

Fireplace mantel, Fly Fishing tile
Shower Mural - UT
Bathroom shower, Elk tile mural This really worked out well for my shower. I get a lot of great complements.


Dave Johnson, UT

New York - Fireplace
Fireplace mantel, wildlife tile My fireplace your tiles.

Nate Mason, NY

Illinois - Fireplace Wrap Around.
Hi Dick,

Thought I would send you the fireplace pictures.
I thought the tile turned out very nice and we have had numerous comments on it.

Thank you so much,
Judy, from Illinois

18 tile wrap around - Whitetail Deer story line top.

18 tile wrap around - Trail Riders story line bottom.

Fireplace mantel, Whitetail Deer and Western tile
California - Framed tile story line.
Wall hanging, Tile landscape
I received my custom frame over the weekend and installed the tiles...just love adds beauty to my home.

Becky Levy, California

California - Glass Tiles (floor)

I want to thank you again for the great glass tiles that you made for my entryway.
I have gotten quite a few compliments on this tile (with the bears, trout and fly fisherman) interspersed with the slate tile.

Sorry it took so long to get to you. I bought these as I am remodeling our old cabin.... I am using a fishing theme and bear theme (appropriate for that area). My husband laid all the tile himself and is now putting in the knotty pine baseboards and doors.
Thanks again. Beautiful work.


Laura Phillips, California

Wildlife floor tile
WY - Fireplace - Buffalo Grazing - Story Line
Fireplace mantel, Buffalo tile Hi Dick,
Its€™ taken us some time to get the basement finished, well almost finished, and the tiles put in but we finally found just the right place. We originally wanted to put them in the shower but liked them so much that we just couldn't€™ hide them away like that so they ended up as our main focus area across the fireplace. The picture is attached.

Karen - Wyoming

Michigan, Bathroom Shower - Moose story line
Hi Dick,
I got the tile today and I love it! Aaron Brandenburg, Michigan
#448 10 tile Moose story line, 12" X 12" ceramic matte tile Sage
Installed above a precast shower stall.
Bathroom shower, Wildlife tile
Maryland, Bathroom Shower & Vanity
Bathroom shower nature tile

Self Framing Alpine Pines in the Frankanberry shower
(TOP) and on the sink back splash at (RIGHT).

I promised picture of the pine tree tile installed in our bathroom shower and above the vanity. Just beautiful. We love it.
Rhonda Frankanberry, Maryland

Bathroom vanity nature tile backsplash
Washington, Bathroom Shower
Bathroom Shower spot tile
Howdy Dick
Thank you for making the beautiful tiles which we used in the guest bathroom. Just about everyone has to rub their fingers over the tiles to see that they're flat, not 3-D.
Thank you again. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Best - Terry W. Ketcham - WA

California, Wine Bar Vanity Backsplash, Oregon
Counter top tile Eagle mural Bathroom vanity backsplash tile, Native American
Wine Rack with Eagle mural.
I think the eagle mural is great. In fact my remodel would not
be complete without it. - Celeste Hallanger, CA
Vanity backsplash - Native American encampment.
Will notify you on the next bathroom renovation project where I know tile shall be utilized. Bruce Irwin, OR
Tennessee, Shower
Bathroon shower tile mural
Here is my finished project. I love my shower.
Thanks so much for your help and beautiful tiles.

Rebecca Boles, Tennessee

California, Longhorn Kitchen
Found your website while doing research on backsplash tile ideas for our kitchen remodel. I am a Longhorn fan!

Finally finished our kitchen remodel and the accent tiles we picked make the kitchen. I have had a lot of complements along with a few WOWs! I have sent a link to your website to those who are interested. We have a small project to use the 12" X 12" tiles we purchased incorporating them into small flip-up bar/table for our grandkids to sit at, will send pictures when it is finished. We will also be buying accent tiles for our guest bath when we remodel that in the next couple of months.

Thanks for the help your tiles are amazing.

Matt & Linda Bryant, CA.

Kitchen backsplash, Western Kitchen Cooktop western tile backsplash
Kitchen Sink Backsplash
Kitchen Range Backsplash
Bathroom sink tile backsplash, Western
Guest Bath - Backsplash
Oklahoma, Kitchen
Stovetop tile backsplash, western
Kitchen backsplash spot tileHere is some pics of the kitchen with your tiles! I love it.
Thank You So Much

Karen Newberry, Oklahoma

Oklahoma, Bar Mural
Bar tile backsplash, Native American Mural Dick,

Finally finished our back bar and we couldn't be happier.
We love the tile mural and used glass tile to frame it.
I would do it again in a minute.

Thanks so much for helping us with our order.

Glenda Cornett, Oklahoma

Textured Tempered Glass Tile 12" X 12" Buffalo
Hi Dick,

We wanted to share a picture of our project we did with the Bison, on a glass tile we purchased from you. Our customer has a study completely dedicated to this wonderful animal and this became the centerpiece of the room. It was the finishing touch that brought the whole project together.

Thank you for your ingenuity and the very reasonable price of your product.

Scott & Leslie Grover
Grover's Floor Covering
Bemidji, MN

Entry, Floor tile
Georgia, Kitchen
Kitchen range tile backsplash, western Hi Dick

We are very pleased with the mural!

D. Sharkey, GA

Michigan Shower

Here is a picture of the shower. We used the Whitetail Deer and Hoof prints throughout.

Thanks again! We have had numerous comments on them and hope to send some business your way, as my husband is a general contractor.

Teresa Humeniuk, MN

Bathroon shower, wildlife spot tile
Georgia, Backsplash
Kitchen tile backsplash, Grizzly Bear and Cubs

Stumbled across your website while doing research on backsplash tile ideas for our log cabin. I love the story lines!

Finally finished some trim around the lighting we add to the counter above the tiles. I get lots of great comments on the unique tile.

Thanks for the help.

Kevin Mara, Georgia

Shower - Saskatchewan, Canada

Hello Dick,

We received our Mallard Duck tiles soon after you sent them and have completed our bathroom reno. We are very pleased with the quality of your tiles and are very pleased with how the bathroom turned out. I am attaching some pictures for you. Thank you.


Barbara and David Stabbler

12" spot tile on walls and 4" triangle spots as trim.

Bathroom shower, spot tile
Tempered Glass floor tile, mural and spot tiles - Vermont, USA
Fireplace tile floor mural Hallway wildlife floor spot tile
Kitchen backsplash - Vermont, USA
I promised I'd send you a picture of my fishing camp kitchen in Norton, Vermont......where I used your fly tiles over my stove in the tiled back splash..
They look great...everyone has great comments about these tiles....
Chuck Mascott, Vermont
Kitchen cooktop tile backsplash, fishing flies
Kitchen backsplash - Australia
Kitchen backsplash, runing horses spot tile
Hi Dick completed kitchen, decorated with your fabulous tiles. They certainly make a statement!

"Thank you so much"
Karen Tattersall

Stove Top and Kitchen Sink Backsplash - Washington State
Kitchen cooktop tile backsplash, western Kitchen backsplash, custom livestock brand tile
I love my tiles. Great job! ...Thanks for all your help!
Stacy Mays, Washington State
Montana - Kitchen Backsplash and Shower
Kitchen cooktop tile mural, Elk Bathroon shower tile mural, Moose
Here are some pictures of our elk and moose tiles. We are very pleased and if we ever move
we will have to do it all over again!
Thank you so much for helping us make our home a great place.
Gary and Anita Feland - Montana

Fireplace Mantel - Massachusetts

Hi Dick,

I have attached photos€™ of the finished fireplace with the tiles you made. It looks great! Thanks again for creating such a quality product.

Paul Daly

Fireplace tile wildlife mantel
Fireplace Hearth and Kitchen Backsplash - Washington State
Fireplace hearth wildlife tile Kitchen cooktop backsplash tile wildlife mural
Dick - I've attached some photos of our finished projects with your tiles.
Thanks again for your excellent service and product!
Kathy & Tim Brown - Washington Stare
Entry Floor - Textured Glass Tile - Texas
Entry floor tile mural, Native American
It is hard to choose just one design from your products.

Dear Dick,
I finally had all the tiles installed and my house looks awesome!
...and thanks to you, I was able to get the design I love and the touch that reflect my personality.

It was a pleasure meeting you and I am looking forward to working with you again!

Thanks again for your great product!

Doris Allen - Texas

Bathroom Remodel - Oklahoma
Dick ...
I was so very pleased with the tiles. We plan on re-doing a kitchen sometime in the future and would love to use your work again.

Alice Smith
Tahlequah OK

Bathroom spot tile
Kitchen Backsplash - Indiana
Kitchen backsplash western tile
Dear Dick,
I just love my new kitchen. The tiles really stand out. Wish I could of went all the way around. I am very happy with the tiles. they really make my western kitchen pop!

Thanks, Teresa Arts
Kitchen backsplash western tile
Kitchen Remodel - Pocatello, Idaho
Aspen Wildlife Collection

Hi Dick,

I have the Kitchen remodel mostly done. I put one of your tiles on each side of the sink and then four spaced out through the island. They look great. I am really happy with how it turned out.

Todd Corsetti
Pocatello, ID

Kitchen backsplash wildlife spot tile
Moreau Lake State Park, New York

Moreau Lake State Park's lies amid hardwood forests, pine stands and rocky ridges. Shady groves of trees shelter picnic grounds and a pavilion overlooking the lake. Wooded campgrounds are quiet and secluded, offering facilities for group campers, as well as tent and trailer sites. The sandy beach, nature, hiking and cross-country ski trails, opportunities for boating, fishing and ice fishing, and proximity to the Saratoga Spring and Lake George areas make the park attractive to visitors.
We€™ have spoke in the past regarding using your story line tiles in our new comfort stations (bath/shower buildings) currently under construction at the Moreau Lake State Park located in upstate New York. ...
™I'd work directly with you to develop the approved story line tiles, ...
We are currently constructing seven new buildings. Each building has a mens€™ and women€™ bathroom ... six inch square story line tiles in each building. €™I'd like to use a 5 foot story line in each of the men€™ and women€™ bathrooms created by using 6 inch square tiles, ... By looking over your web site, we€™ decided to assign a different story line to each building. Before getting into the details, I'd like to talk to you about your color chart posted on the web and discuss the various silhouettes you have...
Thank you very much!
Jason A. Penge, PE
Senior Park Engineer
Saratoga Spa State Park
We are very happy with the story line tiles you submitted and have made our color selections to be as follows:
(Each design) Tan Marbled background and French Roast Silhouette
(Each design) Bog Green Marbled background and French Roast Silhouette
Thank you very much and we truly look forward to your art being a focal point in our new buildings.
The tiles are going up and look fantastic! Thanks for being a part of our project. €™ We will be opening in the next few weeks and are very excited to see the publics response.
We have€™ attached a few pics€™ of the ongoing construction for you


Gruber, Backsplash, Colorado

#469 Packstring.
Hi Dick,
We FINALLY have finished our backsplash!! It turned out even better than we expected. It's so nice to have something unique, and personalized. Thanks for helping us make our kitchen special.
Hanks - Backsplash - Louisiana
Here is a photo of our Whitetail Deer kitchen project.
We think it looks great!


Wickliffe Kitchen - South Carolina

Hey Dick,

You might not remember me, but I had bought a tile mural from you a couple months ago and wanted to show you the finished product. Let me know if you have trouble viewing the pictures. It is the spurs with a rope border around it.

South Carolina

Rider - Kitchen - Minnesota
Hi Dick,
My kitchen project is done and it turned out great!


Pony Wall & Kitchen, Alberta, Canada
Hi Dick,
Sorry the pictures took so long. We love the way the project turned out.
The tiles look great, everyone admires your work and the special personnel touch it has added to our home.
Thanks for all your help. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, your art work is beautiful, tiles and service are excellent.

Linda Smith

Endiang, Alberta

Kitchen focal point, North Carolina

We would like to sincerely thank you for your fine work on our bucking bronc tile. The island is now the focal point of our kitchen and we could not be more satisfied with it.

Thanks you,
Jeremy and Marcy Mays

The centerpiece of our kitchen - North Carolina
Well the bears are up and walking. We just finished the first phase.
You have been great to work with and we really appreciate all your help and advice on how to make it work. We think the thing we really loved, was when you took the original pictures we had sent and you overlaid the images of the mural, so we could see what it would look like before we bought. The tile were first rate and the images were incredible and are the centerpiece of our kitchen.
Ray and Debby Strait - North Carolina
Surprise for husbands home office - Texas
Tiles are placed on wall and in the floor hearth
I am sending several pictures. You will be able to see the beautiful fireplace hearth we created with your tiles. The contractor was able to cut a perfect square out of floor tiles we found at home depot that matched the western tiles perfectly. I thank you for your service in getting us these beautiful tiles that are so perfect for my husbands home office. We are very pleased with the outcome.
Stacy Gosch - Texas

Thank you for asking. We would feel honored to be on your website. My husband was surprised and it was a very special gift for him.

Kitchen Remodel - Baking Center Mural and Island Backsplash - Washington, USA

Baking Center Mural

Small detail of island backsplash story line
Hi Dick-
It took a while to make a final decision, they are all so beautiful. The mural is perfect.
I love the original story line at the top of the page. Looks like you have taken pieces of all of the options and put them together. Both of them are what I want. As for the color, it does not need to match the paint chip exactly. I just wanted you to get the idea of the color we are looking for. I need a beige as close to the color we sent as possible. I am trying to go toward the yellow beiges and away from the purple or gray beiges. I am confident with your judgement on the color of the tile. I was having trouble choosing a color from the website because they looked completely different on my computer at work than they did on my computer at home. The actual length of the backsplash we are covering with the border is just shy of 9'. There are 2 side pieces just over 10" and the length of the island, which is about 7.5', ...
Thanks!! - Claudia Dale

HI Dick-
...I am honored. I would love to have my kitchen on your website. ...I will send you when all of the trimming is finished and the switch plates are on... Looks like he finished the trim today!! I can't wait to see them on your website. Thanks so much for your interest.
Thanks!! - Claudia Dale - Washington

Bathroom Backsplash Tile Mural - Wyoming, USA

Dick, The proof looks great. All is okay on the order form. We look forward to receiving them so I can match the tile up with other tile to display. We are very excited the work is done by a real artist and by someone who really understands horses and the life we both love so much in the country in Wyoming. It is nice doing business with you.
Todd & Maggie, in Wyoming.

Dick, here is a picture of the installed tiles. We love the way it turned out. You did an outstanding job. Thanks again!
Todd and Maggie. Wyoming

Bathroom Shower, Story Tile Mural - Michigan, USA

Mari Thomas called.
Found your website;and had to call. My husband and I have horses and love to take rides across the Michigan countryside. I am looking for a mural for our bathroom shower We discussed the Designers Choice Tile website and its contents. She liked the mural "Dads Spurs," the western boot, horseshoes and was trying to come up with something with horseback riders. She told me about rides they had taken and how much they enjoyed them. We talked about the color scheme of the bathroom and the shower area. I suggested that she let me work up an idea I had and I would e-mail her a layout in a day or two.
I e-mailed this layout to Mari.

E-mail Note.
Hi Mari,
Here is what I have come up with.
The outer rim of tile represents the 6" X 6" tile you have, the basic field tile of the shower. The mural frame is 4" X 4" tumbled stone across the top and down the sides, with a row of 6" X 6" tumbled stone across the bottom. The inner frame or matte, around the 24" X 12" "Two Riders" mural, is broken tile with the 4" X 16" spur mural and 2- 2" X 2" diagonal horseshoe tiles inset in the broken tile background.

Hi Dick,
I received your e-mail. It looks really nice. I'll get back to you in a couple of days ....... I really like your work.

Thanks Mari

Next day

Hi Dick Thought I would e-mail you to let you know we really like the mural. Would like to get started on ordering if we could, So I called you today left a message with our phone number please either call or e-mail me back and let use know? Thank you very much. I love it.


Finished job.

Mari wrote,

"Hi Dick finally, here are the pictures. It looks great everyone loves your work. I love the bathroom and I'm very pleased with how it turned out

Mari Thomas - Michigan

Kitchen Backsplash, Texas, USA
"Profound Silence " 24" X 12"
6" X 6" Tumbled Stone tile.

got the tiles today and will send you a picture as soon as we get it installed. They look great, can't wait to get them on the wall.!!
Mike Coulter

here are the pics of the tile. The guy just finished about 10 minutes ago. We think we might extend it out on both sides. Haven't made our mind up on that. We love the tile we bought from you. We will try to send you some more business.
thanks again.

Mike & Linda Colter

Kitchen Backsplash, Utah, USA
Grizzly" 12" X 12"
Tumbled Stone tile.

Just a note to tell you thanks for the tile. Everyone loves the bears.

Karla Kendell

Kitchen Backsplash, Story Tile Mural - Kansas, USA
I would like to get the tile mural I saw on the Designers Choice Tile website.
I like the Watering Longhorns and would like the 4 Ceramic tiles to be 8" x 8" using the background color of Cornsilk and image color Doe. 
Thanks for your help I have been looking for western tile murals for months and finally found your site.  Looks great.

One more question,
I was wondering if you have two more 8" tiles that could be added to either side to make the mural a bit wider that would match the scene. I am working with a wider rather than taller space and think a scene that was 24 x 16 would actually work better. Let me know if you have something that would work with this watering longhorn scene.


Great, looks good.
Thanks for all your help. I love your tiles and will pass on your website to other friends.

I finally got the tile mural put up. Here are pictures for your tiles.

They look great. Thanks for all your help on this.

Marsha Stromgren

Kitchen Backsplash, Montana, USA


Sorry it took so long.
Love it-- 

Carolyn Campbell

Mural - 6" X 6" ceramic - 24" X 18"

Table - Tile Inlay, Tennesse, USA
I finally got a photo of the completed table. She really enjoyed it and it fits so nicely into her decor.
Mural - 18" X 12" Ceramic Matte - Table Inlay - "Silent Night"

Gerry Scheffalmaier - Tennessee

Kitchen Backsplash, Tile Mural - Alabama, USA

Danny did all the work himself except for your tiles of course. Thanks again we are so pleased and are very proud to show off you work
Mural - 24" X 18" Ceramic Matte Tile - "Silent Night"

Danny and Lavelle Granger, Alabama .

Alberta, Canada
I was just looking at your web sight and would like to get a quote for some tiles I am interested in:

4-tile Watering Longhorn 2 color mural
Plus 1 x second left tile from the 4-tile longhorn story
Plus 1 x last on right tile from the 4-tile longhorn story
All tile 6"x6" ceramic
Background color marbled yam (16-1140), subject color Bison (18-1027)
I look forward to hearing from you.

Shirley Gilmour

Hi Dick
Just wanted to let you know we received our tiles, they are great!
It has been a pleasure doing business with you, not only is the product great but your service is excellent, the tiles were well packaged for delivery and they arrived a day earlier than expected.
Thank you.

Shirley Gilmour - Alberta, Canada

Kitchen Backsplash, Tile Mural - Wyoming, USA

Good morning Dick,
I got the pictures and want the 12 x 18

Phone order
I talked to Jeff on the phone he wants to order the mural "Packstring" for his shower, but cant decide what size 24" X 18" - on 6" X 6" ceramic or 18" X 12" on 6" X 6" so we talked about it for a few minutes and I e-mailed him a couple of samples.

Hello again,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the tile Monday, yesterday. And they look great and where not broken.

Thank you

Jeff Grove - Wyoming

The above mural, flies, fisherman and fish are all part of a bathroom, and shower installation in the Boulder, Colorado area.
Actual installation photos are not available. Project by Kochi-Baker Architect and Design, Colorado.

Shower, Arizona
...I have a log cabin and my bathroom theme is€œbears€.
I am looking at having 3 - 6x6 white ceramic tile with #6027 on them (grizzly front). I am going to have the paws going up my bathroom shower. I am also looking at maybe a small mural with 4 across or 2 rows with 3 across with possibly #5017, 5018, 5019 and 5015 on the same 6x6 ceramic tile.
... The tile will be white and the bears in black. I am not looking for any other colors other than the black & white.
If you have any other suggestions please let me know..

Helen Simmons Arizona

Wow wonderful. I can'€™t wait to see them. We are going to our house this coming weekend and we will be putting them in. I will send you pictures.
Thanks Much...I will be in touch. We may want to do this somewhere else in our house.

Hi Dick:

Thought you would like to see the finished product. My husband worked all weekend to get this in. We are so happy with it. It turned out better then I imagined. Thanks again for the great work. We love it!!!


May I display your project photos on the website?

Please do use the photos on your website. I look forward to seeing them. I will definitely use you in the future. We have a lot of house to do yet.

Thanks again!

Helen - Arizona

Laundry Mudroom, WY
Good Morning!
We are doing a backsplash in our mudroom in ceramic tile....We are interested in incorporating something like your #165 story line with moose that we saw on your website. We would certainly welcome your suggestions, ...
Thank you!
Madeline Potter - Wyoming

Hi Dick -
...I know that I want the story line to be a man walking thru the cedars/willows and pine trees following 2 bull moose.... will contact you again.
Thanx so much for your help so far! Back to you soon!

Good Morning, Dick!
We have finally made the color selections that were necessary to complete an order with you.... We very much like the background/terrain in the tile to be similar to your #165 ...Pine, willows, mountains. We'd like to capture the moment with 2 bull moose on one side of the story line, and a man's silhouette on the opposite side of the story line. We'd like the story line to be 7 - 6X6 tiles. We welcome your thoughts on this design.... We're very excited about this! Hope to hear from you soon.
Madeline Potter

HI Dick!
In reviewing our design here at the house, we'd like to add 2 more tiles to our order: The mirror images of men fly-fishing in your story line #242. We would just like the two tiles of the men silhouettes.... Go ahead and add that to your total when you email the contract for the order.
Thanks so much!
Madeline Potter

(Sample Layout)
I LOVE IT! And you even got a smile out of Dave! Write up the contract and we'll send it back asap. Wonderful work, Dick. Thanks so much!

...The tiles are perfect - I'm getting endless comments!
Thanx for making this project so special!
Attached Photos
Madeline - Wyoming

Stairway, Alberta, Canada
I'm from Alberta looking to create a design with "Western" ceramic tiles on top of our stairs. (Just on the top riser) The stairs are 43" wide and the 6 inch high tiles would work.  Some ideas in mind, running horses, cowboys chasing cows, actually anything western. We will be installing walnut laminate on the rest of the stairs so something in the browns would be good color. I have looked at your website and love the designs! Looking for some ideas that are

Sue Zieffle
Alberta, Canada

Thanks for the prompt reply!
Wow! That's cool!

It sure is hard to decide but thinking about the spurs and then maybe our brands on each side 7 over quarter circle(hooks up), spurs from website 4.25" x 17", then Box X (x in middle-solid lines around). The letters could be brown with white background. And if we need more tiles to fill the 43", then just some plain ones on each side would be fine. Would this be possible?

Thought I would send the final look-see attached. We finished Christmas Day and it looks great!  Not too hard to do. :) 

Thanks and Happy Easter to you & your family!
Shower, Washington, USA
Rodger called and ordered the Texas Longhorn story line, "Dads Spurs" and wanted to know if I could reproduce his livestock brand.

Email from Rodger
This is the finished project, I really like how they turned out.

Rodger Wagner , Washington

Rodger made this towel bar and paper holder for his new bathroom so if any of you like what you see and want a set, let me know and I will get you in touch with Rodger.

Kitchen Backsplash - Ontario Canada
Dear Sir,
I am very interested in your kitchen backsplash wall tiles. It is the perfect thing for our log cabin and I agree with you that no one carries anything like you have produced. My biggest question is on availability and length of time in receiving them once I have chosen them. I live in Ontario, Canada. Could you please give me an idea on a time frame... thank you, Best Regards, Arlene Lozon

Dear Dick,
I think this is beautiful.....Let me know how to order and I most surely will be in touch... I think the soft black is wonderful and the background color is great being kept natural. I wasn't sure that I could do that, but that is what I prefer anyway. I will have to send you photo's after it is done as we have all the old appliances (Elmira) and also the cupboards are even made from log material. It is sharp and will be on a house tour in the fall. I will gladly display your website. I have already shown the builder and my daughter-in-law who owns a paint and wallpaper shop. Thank You, very much... Arlene..

Dear Dick,
Sorry these pictures took so long, but the contractor has been a bit slow and so have I. ...they are wonderful. I hope you enjoy the photos and thank you once again for a wonderful and different tile selection.
Arlene Lozon. - Ontario, Canada

Barn Wood Cabinet - Tile Inlay - Utah, USA
I am sending you the pictures, .... I hope you can see the way the cabinet turned out. The kids that we built it for were very happy with the cabinet and she especially loved the tiles. So thank you.
Rhonda Withers & Scott Hill, Utah
Walk In Shower - Georgia, USA
We are building a walk in shower in our bathroom and would like to install #160 -8-Moose Reflection on the end wall. €™I'd like the background color of the moose tile to be a light tan with rust color for the moose. Would like the mural to be in 6€ tiles€”18€ x 24€ (three across and 4 down).
Thanks for your help!
Pat Cleveland
Georgia, USA

Thanks for the quick response. I gave you the wrong number should be #161 (bull moose). We like the vertical layout
I'll get the color samples from paint store and send them to you this week. Be back in touch.
Pat Cleveland - Georgia, USA

You made moose tile silhouettes for us a few months back. We finally got them installed in our new walk €“in shower really looks great....We would like to get some more tiles made to put on our backsplash. We like #412 and would ... 6x6 in color shown on your web site.
Pat Cleveland - Georgia, USA

Here are some pictures of our finished "moose" bathroom.
Pat Cleveland - Georgia

We a€™re redecorating one more bathroom and were wondering if you would be able to do tiles with mallard ducks on them.  Didn't see one on your website. Thanks,
Pat Cleveland

Hi Pat,
Your right, I didn't have any Mallard ducks on the site. Canadian Honkers or Ringneck Pheasants at this time. Are you looking for full color mural, spot tiles or a silhouette story line?

Looking for spot tiles like the fly fishing tiles. - Pat

Pat, I have painted another Mallard, thought you might want to see it before I fill your order this week. - Dick

Dick, we'd like four of the flying mallard at 45°. - Pat

Looking forward to getting the Mallard Duck tiles.

Trout Fly bathroom backsplash
Hooray, finished our trout bathroom. Attached are the pictures of the trout fly tiles we got from you. We think they look really good!
Five fly assortment.

When we complete our master bath with the Moose tiles, I'll send more photos.
Pat Cleveland - Georgia, USA

The Old Rocking Chair - DE
Okay here they are. This chair was turned out for trash and my sister brought it home thinking that I might be able to do something with it. She was right. I really enjoyed working on it and it was my first time really working with a tile project like this. The chair really turned out beautiful. I am looking forward to taking on another tile project and will certainly be in touch when I do. Thanks so much for everything.
Amy L. Gibson - Delaware, USA
Kitchen Backsplash - Washington

I hope one of these photos will work. As I said before, you may use them for whatever you need and please let everyone know how much we love the tiles.
Also, our installer was pleased with the quality.

Randy & Judy Jones - Washington

Andrea's, wraparound shower story line - NC

The house is named TO-HI-DU it is Cherokee for "Good Peace" (a state of body, mind, sprite.)

Thank you Thank you!
We are going back up ... And all the tile will be done. I will take pictures for you. You have been such a pleasure to work with. I can't wait to see everything. I will be back in touch, when we get home.
Andrea Turberville. North Carolina, USA
Kitchen Backsplash - Texas

Here are some pictures of a counter top in our kitchen. It turned out great,and we are very pleased. Thanks again
Darin & Janese Williams - Texas

Buchanan Bar - Texas

Dick -
Attached are pictures of the installed tiles on our bar. I'm not crazy about the John Deere green color but am told - it's not my bar.
Love the tiles.
Thanks for your help on this,
Stephanie Buchanan & Gary - TX

Stove Hearth, Story Tile - Wildlife
A corner project in my home.

This little potbelly stove is the stove that kept my grandfathers tack and tool room heated a hundred years ago. I built the hearth for it in our kitchen dinning area. The top of the hearth is broken tile with a 6" x 6" tumbled stone Grizzly Bear story tile, inlaid on the face panel, Also displayed, a coal bucket, kindling box and a wall shelf supporting two antique flat irons.

Bottom photograph, detail of hearth face panel.

A simple do-it-yourself project.